Student Academic Reports End of year reports will be available for all primary students on Thursday 06 June at 11:00 am, the close of school. The families who have children in ELC will receive their report cards in an envelope and it will be released 
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Student illness Unfortunately, some of our students are coming to school with illnesses such as coughs, colds, headache, nausea, and sometimes with or soon after having a fever. This makes it difficult for the students to learn and spreads the illness amongst other members of 
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Primary Aquatics Expositions Between Monday, April 29 and Friday, May 3 our Primary Students will be highlighting the skills that they have been developing in their Aquatics lessons throughout the year. Each of the Expositions will take place at the LIS Pool with parents invited 
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‘Artists in Residence’ – Carmen Mutengo & Enock Rugube LIS has been fortunate to welcome two artists-in-residence, Carmen Mutengo and Enock Rugube, to our school for two weeks. Carmen, in addition to teaching music in Mauritius, is a professional musician and recording artist, and Enock 
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Change of Date – Performing Arts Celebration Assembly Our Primary Performing Arts Celebration Assembly will now be moved from March 7 to Monday, March 18 at 8:05am. This Assembly will now be held in Cafeteria 2. Please make the adjustment to your calendar. Thank you. 
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