The LIS community is …

Strong and active. Our strength is derived from the active commitment of teachers, parents, and students to education and learning as a community. We organize over 200 events every academic year.

Connected and socially responsible. We are connected to the people of Luanda, Angola and Africa. Students, families and staff participate in a wide range of activities in and around Luanda. Activities range from visiting Angolan schools and cultural sites to collaborating with local organizations to raise funds and accomplish community projects.

Vibrant and inclusive. At the end of any school day, you will find friends chatting in the shade of the jango, students sharing their learning and teachers engaging with families. Our campus is the venue where community members connect and build lifelong friendships. We look forward to welcoming you to the LIS community.

  • Student voice is integral to our school culture.
    Student voice is integral to our school culture.
    The Jogathon is a charity event tradition at LIS. This year, a small group of Secondary students (Gaby, Nicole, Connor, Panashe, Luca) organized the event entirely. Our goal was to make a difference for the Orphanage Casa das Crianças. We, as a community, donated a total amount of 486,458.02 KWZ and 274 shoes. Well done, LIS!
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