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LIS Partnerships

Action. Service as Action. CAS



Bliss: A spa that gives back

Our Mission: Giving back to our community through a space that promotes well-being, healthy mind, and healthy spirit. Founded and operated by two teachers at LIS, this spa offers manicures and massages. All proceeds are donated to charitable organizations and projects in Luanda, Angola.

Casa das Crianças (orphanage)

This ASA provides students the opportunity to get more involved with the local community. Students discuss topics that are relevant to working in the community and participate in at least two Saturday visits to the orphanage.

Each year, students and families in Primary collaborate with FOLSCO to collect and assemble gifts for 200+ homeless children. Distributed at an annual party for the New Year, homeless children receive hygiene products, coloring pages, crayons, and special wishes from the students.

Horta Solidaria

Horta Solidária supports Irma Domingas Orphanage Casa das Crianças in Viana. The goal is to provide weekly deliveries of fresh vegetables and fruits through an agriculture company. We believe that if children receive regular vegetables and fruits, they will also be less vulnerable to diseases.

BEEP works with both international NGOS and local communities to provide bicycles to students with long commutes to school. By providing students with bicycles, they are able to complete duties at home and still be able to travel to school, thus reducing rates of student tardiness and absenteeism. Beneficiaries of the bicycles also have an additional form of transportation with which they can help out their families.


Population Services International (PSI) is a global nonprofit organization focused on the encouragement of healthy behavior and affordability of health products.

The United Nations system works as a team in order to develop the best response strategy to national needs and plans. The United Nations Country Team (UNCT) aims to ensure that these programs work together and provide coordinated and efficient assistance to the country.

Based on the belief that innovation is for everyone, Fábrica de Sabão is a model innovation hub designed to leapfrog education challenges and drive socioeconomic inclusion and growth at all levels of society.