LIS Enrollment Process

Our enrollment process is an important part of building our community. This process ensures that Luanda International School (LIS) will meet each student’s needs and that each student will be successful and happy at our school. We look forward to welcoming your family to our community.

Why complete the application process?

As there is no application fee, we strongly encourage every family to complete the application process as soon as placement in Angola is a possibility. Enrollment at LIS is not guaranteed. All families, including certificate holders, are responsible for completing the online application for enrollment and submitting all required documentation for each applicant seeking admission.

Our enrollment process is designed to ensure that every student will thrive at LIS.  In Luanda, there are few English-medium schools and limited resources for students with special needs. In order to fully evaluate each application, we expect that all families will provide full and accurate information on any learning, medical or other needs (including assessments and reports) of the applicant.

Please be aware that LIS:

  • Cannot support students with moderate to high special needs;
  • Requires students in Year 6 or higher to pass an English language assessment prior to admission;
  • Reserves the right to place applicants (including certificate holders) on a waitlist, in order to maintain age and curriculum-based class sizes; and
  • Considers academic performance when evaluating each applicant.

What happens next?

Successful applicants will receive an enrollment confirmation letter. The enrollment confirmation letter is a guarantee that there is a place for the student at our school. It is crucial that you receive the enrollment confirmation letter before accepting an assignment in Luanda.

APPLY NOW – LIS Admissions Requirements

  • Respect for ourselves and others, our environment, and our cultural contexts guides our thoughts, actions and relationships.
    Respect for ourselves and others, our environment, and our cultural contexts guides our thoughts, actions and relationships.
    On Friday, 21 April 2017, LIS participated in World Earth Day. What an amazing day it was! We focused our collective efforts on this central idea: Together we can empower everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defense of the environment. The day was about seeing ourselves as agents of change and defenders of the planet earth. As ‘defenders of the planet’, LIS students and staff actively explored ways to take action to bring about sustainable change. Throughout the day, students participated in assemblies and a series of student/teacher led workshops, which were designed to engage thinking and raise awareness of the core issues affecting our planet.
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