Co-Curricular Programme

LIS Co-Curricular Programme

The co-curricular programme is designed to engage and extend our diverse community of learners in an enjoyable, safe and supportive environment.

We strive to empower and inspire students by providing balanced opportunities to support and extend the curriculum through creativity, activity and service. The programme enhances our sense of community through building sustainable and positive relationships within LIS, Angolan and global contexts. Student leadership is embraced in the programme to foster compassionate and socially responsible students who are confident to thrive in the world.

The co-curricular programme encompasses four aspects at LIS: after school activities, the arts, sports and outdoor education.  Each of these aspects is focused on developing student interest while providing further opportunities to be committed, challenged and excel, as students progress through the school.

  • LIS maintains an inclusive strategic plan with a systematic process of reflection and feedback.
    LIS maintains an inclusive strategic plan with a systematic process of reflection and feedback.
    On 10 and 11 March 2017, a group of 28 participants comprised of LIS students, parents, staff and Board Directors attended a strategic retreat at the school. We discussed the data, shared points of view, challenged perspectives and summarised our thinking about the school's mission, vision, values and parameters for the school. Prior to the discussions a strong meeting protocol and process was established to ensure equal participation. No one voice was greater or lesser than the other. Given the diversity of the group, getting alignment and consensus around big topics like mission and values was no easy task. In fact, a large proportion of the time was spent reviewing, rejecting, re-writing and finally accepting the value statements. Many people felt strong about particular statements and spoke respectfully and with great passion to defend ideas. However, Dr. Andy Page-Smith was able to facilitate the exercise and decision making process with great skill, expertise and respect.
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