LIS News: February/March 2019

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“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

Dear LIS Families,

If you were to ask Primary students about their favorite day or memory at LIS, I would not be surprised if Global Play Day featured in their top three responses. This is the second year we have committed a full day to unstructured play. Judging by the photos below and my conversations with students, this has proven to be a great day. One little friend described this as the “best day of my life cause I get to make up games with my friends”. I did initially think it was odd that we needed an actual global focus on play, and in particular, unstructured play. However, in a TEDx presentation, Peter Gray argues the case that ‘today’s kids are not growing up playing and that this has negatively impacted them in many ways.’

I would like to assume that many parents already understand why play and unstructured play is so important to our children. Unstructured play is play without predetermined rules of the game. There are no organized teams, uniforms, coaches or trainers. It is spontaneous, often made-up on the spot, and therefore dynamic. It is the kind of play you see when a group of kids play for hours in a shelter they created out of old packing boxes. Both play and unstructured play are vital and essential activities as they contribute to the cognitive, social and emotional development of our children. This very statement speaks to the heart of LIS and what we value as an organization. As a school, we believe play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. However, we recognize that things don’t always go our way, even with play, so it is important we engineer the social skills and resilience to help kids stay in the game longer.

My sincere thanks to all families, staff, and students who helped to make this such a successful and enjoyable day.


Congolese Dance group:

On Monday 29 April, the school will host a Congolese dance group. Parents are welcome to join us. The event will start at 13:35 p.m. in the big gymnasium. Seating procedures will begin at 13:15 p.m. We hope you will join us.

Welcome to the LIS Culture Exchange Cafe:

The school schedules three ‘all staff’ meetings per year. Meetings are structured using a cafe style approach. Light refreshments are served and time is dedicated for staff to mix and mingle socially and get to know each other better. This year, we have shaped and focussed discussions about values (personal, family and school). Using values as a frameset, we will explore topics including school culture. The focus on school culture is important because we live and work in a context and climate where morale can fluctuate daily due to external and internal factors. It is important we understand how we can contribute, individually and collectively, to maintaining a positive school culture and boosting individual and collective morale.

ASA Performing Arts Showcase:

On the evening of Thursday, February 14, students, parents and staff enjoyed the LIS ASA Showcase in the school theatre. The showcase provides a great platform for Primary and Secondary students to share a wide variety of performances. In true LIS spirit, the showcase is coordinated by students for students with the gentle guidance of key staff. Many thanks to students, parents, and staff who came out to cheer and encourage the performers.

Home Languages Week:

Home Languages Week was held on 18-22 February, with the aim of raising awareness of the benefits of home language and highlighting the linguistic diversity in our community. A range of optional language activities was provided for students to enjoy. Did you know there are 46 languages represented by the LIS community?

PTA Quiz Night:

Once again, our PTA continues to deliver on their goals and commitment to building community. Thank you to all who attended the 2018/2019 PTA Quiz Night. It’s a great way to meet your community, have fun and challenge your knowledge through a variety of topics and engaging questions. Sincere thanks to the PTA and event organizers.

Once again, on behalf of the LIS team, thank you for making LIS your school of choice. For further information about the school and our programmes, please make sure to visit our school website (www.lisluanda.com).


Dylan Hughes
LIS Director

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