LIS News: January/February 2019

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Dear LIS Families,

On behalf of the school, may I take this opportunity to wish all families a happy new year. I trust you are feeling refreshed and ready to focus your efforts on personal and professional goals, memorable life experiences and, most importantly, quality relationships that make you feel alive!

I extend a warm welcome to all returning and new families. For families who have joined us in January 2019, I believe you are joining a warm and welcoming community, focused on a single mission – fostering compassionate, confident and socially responsible individuals who thrive in the world. I look forward to meeting you in person and to offering my support as you transition into the school. I am here to help as are our committed faculty.

Each year, specifically in the month of January, the section Principals and I attend job fairs in locations including Bangkok and London to find new teachers to join our school and mission. Although I believe hiring great educators is one of the most important responsibilities in our roles, the downside to is that it physically removes us from the school for around 2-3 weeks depending on our needs and ability to recruit teaching staff. Although the goal is clear, the challenges of recruiting great educators to a country filled with beauty and uncertainty in equal amounts is no easy task. However, I am happy to report that we continue to cast a strong global reputation and attract strong educators – people who want to build community, people who value cognitive, social and emotional well-being of students, people who are intent to thrive even in the face of uncertainty and adversity. We look forward to welcoming our new teachers in August 2019.

Speaking of adversity, many of you may recall the three courageous Year 13 students who scaled Kilimanjaro in 2018. Their collective goal was to raise money to buy and distribute malaria preventative medicine and tests to families in rural areas of Angola. This courageous and tremendous feat that has inspired three Year 12 students (Erle, Jenna, and Julia) to pick up the torch and continue the cause.

I took the opportunity to ask the TREK4AID team a few questions. Read and be inspired by their responses.

Why take on this challenge? We strongly believe in uplifting and assisting the community around us and those in need in order to better our community and country. Like many countries, refugees here in Luanda here are in high need of assistance in order to greatly improve their standard of living. We want to help these refugees access health care and education as we believe everyone deserves a fair and happy life.

What is the team’s goal? Our goal is to raise awareness for the silent sufferers and USD12 000 dollars by June of 2019. To raise funds, we have chosen to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in June 2019.

How can the school community help? Please follow our journey and project via social media (Instagram and facebook@trek4aid). We encourage the entire LIS community to support our events and/or donate funds to our cause. We have created a visual summary (outside building 7) of funds raised. Your encouragement and participation is very much appreciated.


Many families use the school pedestrian crossings to access the school campus. I believe our security and supervision staff do a diligent job of supporting pedestrians to access campus in a safe manner. However, we are always looking for ways to create a safer school and minimize the risks created by through traffic. Starting in the month of March, buses will be allocated priority access and parking in the morning and afternoon. The purpose of this change is to decrease the number of students using pedestrian crossings. This, in turn, may also improve the flow of internal traffic. In advance, your collective support and positive response to the change in daily routine is much appreciated.

Keeping cool:

Please make sure your child is well prepared by sending your child to school each day with a hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and water bottle.

BUILDING COMMUNITY: Alumni Gathering 2019:

Building community is a common goal we all share. On Saturday 26 January, the school hosted its first-ever alumni gathering with 17 alumni and members of the LIS community. The gathering was held in London following the Search Associates Recruitment fair. Dylan Hughes, Grant Rogers, Ali Shebani, and Nicola Warwick (former LIS employee) attended. Special thanks to Denise Ngulube (former student), Ali Shebani and Jennifer Erickson for coordinating the event and logistics. It was a real privilege to reconnect with former students. The alumni who attended showed genuine gratitude for this opportunity. We look forward to growing this tradition.

Strategic Planning:
The school continues to develop its strategic direction in the form of action plans. A set of action plans have been drafted in alignment with our community, facilities and program balance objectives. These plans will be reviewed by the LIS Board’s Strategic Oversight Committee (SOC). Once the draft plans are approved by the Board, we will proceed with an information session to update the school community.

Once again, on behalf of the LIS team, thank you for making LIS your school of choice. For further information about the school and our programmes, please make sure to visit our school website (www.lisluanda.com).


Dylan Hughes

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