Primary Newsletter 2019.01.15

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Dear Parents,

A ‘Happy New Year’ to you all and a very warm welcome to our new LIS families. I hope that you enjoy your time in Luanda and in particular your involvement in our friendly school community.

Welcome back to our returning families. We hope you all enjoyed the holiday period and some important family time with your children, other family members and friends. It is exciting to be back at school and to see our students returning from many places around the world. It has been fascinating to hear many of them sharing with their teachers and friends, some interesting stories about their vacations.

The start of the calendar year is a busy time in international schools as it is when school leaders are taking part in the busiest part of our teacher recruitment period. Last week, our Director, Dylan Hughes, Secondary Principal, Grant Rogers and I attended a teacher recruitment fair in Bangkok, Thailand. These events attract around 550 teachers and about 80 schools and enable prospective teachers to interview with the schools and for the schools to make offers of employment.

Luanda International School enjoys a strong reputation in the international school community and hence, we were successful in attracting strong interest in the school from prospective employees. In what is a very competitive market for the strongest teachers, we were fortunate to sign several new staff who will join the school in the new academic year in August. We look forward to welcoming them to the school at that time.

Once again, welcome back to you all. We look forward to sharing lots of news about the school and reminders for events in our weekly newsletter each Tuesday and of course when we see you in the school.

Kind regards,

Chris Boreham
Primary Principal

Counselling at LIS

Did you know that our Primary Student Support Services Department has two counsellors to support our students and families?

Ms Jasmine Obaseki has been at LIS for many years and is this year focusing on your students from Prep 3 to Year 2. Mr Ryan Sullivan joined our team this year and his focus is with students from Years 3 to 6.

In this and upcoming newsletters, we will be sharing a range of information from or about our counselling team. Today we would like to share some information about Mr Ryan and MS Jasmine.

Ryan Sullivan is our primary counsellor who works with Year 3-6. He teaches the counselling curriculum to each class, once in the 8-day cycle. These lessons focus on problem-solving, emotion regulation, peer relationships, health education, and child protection issues. Ryan also does individual and group work with students. Check this space for regular updates about what your child will be learning in their classes and please direct any questions to him at rsullivan@lisluanda.com.

Jasmine da Silva is a primary counsellor, who is both Swiss and Angolan, and works with students from Prep 3 to Year 2. Jasmine connects with some of the students every week in class, reinforcing positive behaviour and monitoring their learning engagements. Her lessons in class from Prep 4 to Year 2) focus on Mindfulness, growth mindset and socio-emotional learning. She also leads individual and group sessions. Jasmine speaks French, Portuguese German and English and is available for any question and parent support as well. Here is her contact: jobaseki@lisluanda.com

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