Primary Newsletter 2019.01.22

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The Counselling and Child Safeguarding Curriculum at LIS

Last week we introduced our Primary Counseling team in our January 15 Primary Newsletter. This week we would like to provide some more information about the Counselling programme.

Since August, Mr. Ryan has been teaching our counselling curriculum to Year 3-6 classes. He has been following the ‘Second Step’ program – evidence-based, age and developmentally appropriate lessons that focus on social-emotional learning.

Ms. Jasmine will soon begin the same for Prep 4, and Years 1-2. In Prep 3, Ms Jasmine will continue to work in the Prep 3 classes developing social-emotional skills whilst working with those students through their play-based learning engagements.

The Second Step program teaches children important skills for getting along with others and doing well in school. It also helps our school to be a safe and supportive place where everyone can learn.

To help our school be even more safe and supportive, we are also going to use the Second Step Child Protection Unit. In these lessons, children will learn three types of skills:

  • Personal Safety. Children will learn important safety rules, such as safety with sharp tools, fire, when riding on wheels or in cars. They also will learn ways to help them decide if something is safe or not.
  • Touching Safety. Children will learn about safe, unsafe and unwanted touches and rules about touching private body parts. They will also learn to say ‘no’ to unsafe or unwanted touches, and how to tell a grown-up if someone breaks rules about touching private body parts.
  • Assertiveness. These lessons will give children a chance to practice asking a grown-up for help, telling a grown-up about an unsafe situation, and being assertive to get out of unsafe situations.

Our teachers have also been learning about child safeguarding too. As LIS is committed to keeping all children safe, all of our LIS primary staff have received specialized training to help them recognize and report issues of child safeguarding; how to respond and support children who have been abused or who are facing other challenges; and how to use strategies that promote a safe and supportive climate for learning.

If you have any questions about the Child Protection Unit or the Second Step program, please either counsellor at their email below. Alternatively, you can see Ms. Jasmine or Mr. Ryan in person at school.

Ryan Sullivan rsullivan@lisluanda.com
Jasmine da Silva jobaseki@lisluanda.com

Year 2 ‘How we express ourselves’ Learning Celebration

On Friday, January 18, our Year 2 students shared their learning from their ‘How we express ourselves’ unit of inquiry. We had many parents attend this celebration of learning and they enjoyed many different and interesting forms of expression that were created by the students. We would like to congratulate the students and staff on the presentation and thank all of the parents who were able to attend for their support.

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