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Home Language Week – helping out in our Performing arts Classes

The week of February 18th is Home Language Week. The Performing Arts Teachers are looking for parents who would be willing to come in to their children’s classes and talk about what their music classes were like when they were children, and to teach the students some songs in their native languages. This has been a very valuable experience for the students when this has been done in the past.

A form will be sent home next week so that you can sign up if you’re interested in participating in this experience.

February 22 – change to Calendar day to ‘Day 4’ (for Primary Section only)

On February 22, students and parents in the Secondary Section will be having Parent-Teacher Conferences and this has been shown on our academic and Veracross calendars as a ‘Day 0’.

In the Primary Section, February 22 will now be a ‘Day 4’ to replace the day lost on Monday, March 4. Our Veracross calendar has now been updated to reflect this change. Please make this change to your home calendars accordingly.

The Importance of Home Language

As a parent, do you ever ask yourself these questions?

Why is it important for my child to keep learning their home language?

What about my child’s English language learning? Should I speak English at home?

Will learning two languages confuse my child?

My children prefer to speak English. What can I do?

How can I help my child at home?

Come along to our coffee morning on Thursday 7th February at 8.15am in the Secondary library to find out the answers to your questions. We will have Portuguese speakers to assist with translations. We look forward to seeing you then.

World Read Aloud Day

Reading aloud to children is one of the most important things parents or caregivers can do for their children. Research shows that when adults read aloud to children, it builds a strong language foundation, it introduces new vocabulary and can help develop empathy, curiosity and critical thinking skills and because of this, at LIS we encourage all of our parents, no matter what their child’s age, to read with and too their children everyday.

On Thursday January 31, LIS celebrated ‘World Read Aloud Day’. The Primary Section welcomed many visitors to classrooms to celebrate and enjoy reading aloud. This included secondary teachers and school leaders, parents and secondary students. Not only was it exciting and great fun for the students but our readers thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share some of their favourite books with the students. Please see some photographs of this wonderful event throughout this newsletter.

Child Protection Parent Meetings

A big thank-you to all the parents who attended one of the Child Protection parents meetings that were held last week. It was nice to meet all of you. If we missed you, please drop by either of our offices and say hello.

Our lessons with Year 1 – Year 6 continued this past week. Our focus at the moment is Child Protection. The lessons are different for each year level, based on language and themes that are appropriate for the student’s age.

The process we are teaching is to “Recognize” unsafe situations, “Report” to an adult, and “Refuse” using words that mean no.

Here are a few examples of situations that students in Year 6 discuss:
Use “Recognize”, “Report” and “Refuse” to discuss how to deal with this situation.

  • Your friend wants to share some photos on social media. She says they will be surprising, but that they are private, so asks you not to show anyone.
  • Your friend wants you to come over to their house after school. You have been there before, but you cannot contact your parents. You think you remember your Mum telling you to come home after school, but you really want to go to your friend’s house.
  • When playing soccer, your friend accidentally kicks you and it really hurt. This is not the first time this has happened.

As always, we welcome questions and comments anytime.

Ryan Sullivan – rsullivan@lisluanda.com
Jasmine Da Silva Obaseki – jobaseki@lisluanda.com

Prep 3 Sharing of Learning Celebration

Congratulations to the Prep 3 children, teachers and parents for such a successful Learning Celebration on Thursday, January 31! The celebration focused on reading and writing through the Unit of Inquiry, ‘Sharing the planet’ and was greatly rewarding for everyone involved. We had full houses in both Prep 3.1 and Prep 3.2 with many parents attending. The children were so happy to share their knowledge and interests with their parents and parents were enthusiastically engaged. There was so much student agency, as the children independently chose learning engagements that demonstrated to their parents their developing knowledge and new understandings. Looking forward to the next one!

Aisia Casanova
ELC Coordinator

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