Primary Newsletter 2019.02.12

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Change of Date – Performing Arts Celebration Assembly
Our Primary Performing Arts Celebration Assembly will now be moved from March 7 to Monday, March 18 at 8:05am. This Assembly will now be held in Cafeteria 2. Please make the adjustment to your calendar. Thank you.

Reminder – Foto Mwangole

For families wishing to purchase photographs or other items, Foto Mwangole will be present at LIS to collect payments on both February 21 & 22 during the following periods

  • 7:30 – 8:30 am***
  • 15:00 – 16:00 pm***

Payments may be made by bank transfer (IBAN) or in person via multicaixa / cash on 21-22 February during the above periods.

***Please note, purchases for all photographs etc. must be completed at these times.

Gifted Musicians Inspire our Year 6 Students

On Thursday, February 7th, the Year 6 students were treated to a visit from Ms. Aisia, Mr. Pedro, and Mr. Eponde. These 3 gifted musicians came to talk to the students during the “Week of Inspiration” for the Year 6 Exhibition. In November of last year, Mr. Pedro and a number of other musicians released a single called “Love Matters.” They were invited to talk to the students about how they were inspired to write this song, and they articulately expressed the necessity to have passion in all of our endeavors. The students were very engaged, and asked a number of pertinent questions. It was a very valuable experience for the students as they plan their topics for the Exhibition, and we would like to thank our special guests for spending time with us.

Here is the link to their song, “Love Matters.”

Global School Play Day

As our parent community would be aware, last week our LIS Primary Section participated in the Global School Play Day . It was a wonderful experience for all participants and an opportunity to see students and teachers engaged in play in so many fascinating and creative ways. Our teachers gained many new insights into their students through their observations and our students developed new friendship connections and enhanced their social and emotional skills. A big thank you to our planning committee Mr Ryan, Ms Annabelle, Ms Amelia, Ms Bronny, Ms Marthe-Sophie, Mr David P and Ms Yana for their planning and preparation for the day.

World Read Aloud Day – ELC Pictures

Last week we featured some pictures of ‘World Read Aloud Day’. This week we would like to share some more photos from our Early Learning Center. Please enjoy.

Home Languages Week

From February 18th – 22nd Luanda International School will be celebrating ‘Home Languages Week. This is a great opportunity to recognise, celebrate and build respect for all languages around the world. We will celebrate across the week in a variety of ways and we would love your help!

Class teachers will soon (if not already) be sending you a link to sign up to come into class and share your language with the students. We encourage you to talk about your language or culture, share maps, stories, games and songs or teach children some words in your home language. Or – share in any way you like, it’s really up to you!
The Performing Arts Teachers are also looking for parents who would be willing to come into their children’s classes and talk about what their music classes were like when they were children, and to teach the students some songs in their native languages. This has been a very valuable experience for the students when this has been done in the past.

A form will be sent home soon so that you can sign up if you’re interested in participating in this experience.

Thanks in advance for your support of this great week of celebrating language diversity within our LIS community.

MagicFoot Soccer Clinics kicks-off last Saturday

Taking into account the high demand of LIS student community in football’s practice, a new project just start to be implemented last Saturday, February the 2nd.

A service based in a regular soccer training methodology is provided by Magicfoot and is intended for LIS students from Y1 to Y13.

The project aims to teach LIS students the basic technical and tactical principles of football and deepen students’ football game knowledge. Other important aspect is that Magicfoot Soccer Clinics desire to promote the positive values of sports, including tolerance, cooperation, teamwork and fair play.

For more information please see the flyer attached or email escolinhamagicfoot@gmail.com

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