Primary Newsletter 2019.02.19

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‘Artists in Residence’ – Carmen Mutengo & Enock Rugube
LIS has been fortunate to welcome two artists-in-residence, Carmen Mutengo and Enock Rugube, to our school for two weeks. Carmen, in addition to teaching music in Mauritius, is a professional musician and recording artist, and Enock is a professional music producer. LIS extended an invitation to them to give our students further opportunities to explore African music. Among the workshops conducted were marimba, drumming, singing, drama and dance, with a particularly Zimbabwean focus. We are so pleased that we had this opportunity; the students definitely benefited from their visit.

Wordtorque Word Inquiry with Fiona Hamilton
As many of you will remember we have also been hosting Ms Fiona Hamilton, who has been working with our students, teachers and parents. Ms Hamilton has shared practical strategies for supporting learners to inquire into words, making meaning from the spelling patterns that can be identified in English words. Her approach to spelling and word inquiry is based around the scientific approach of orthography: empowering students to inquire into the morphology (how words are put together), phonology (the sounds in words) and etymology (their origins/ historical roots) of words! We look forward to implementing lots of these strategies in the coming weeks in the primary classrooms.

World Water Day
On Friday, March 22, our students celebrated World Water Day. The students attended a thought-provoking assembly and then engaged in a range of activities to promote the preservation and access of water for all.

Performing Arts Assembly
Thank you to our parents for attending and staff, parents and students for performing.

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