Primary Newsletter 2019.02.23

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Primary Aquatics Expositions
Between Monday, April 29 and Friday, May 3 our Primary Students will be highlighting the skills that they have been developing in their Aquatics lessons throughout the year. Each of the Expositions will take place at the LIS Pool with parents invited to attend and observe the learning.

‘Artists in Residence’ Concert
On Friday, April 18 our LIS students participated in our ‘Artists in Residence’ Concert. At this concert, students shared their learning from the two week period with Ms Carmen and Mr Enock. The audience was treated to some amazing performances by our guests and a range of different student groups.

Thank you very much to all the parent who attended the assembly and to Ms Carmen and Mr Enock for travelling to Luanda to help us learn so much about African singing, drumming, musical instruments, in particular, the marimba!

Celebration of our students’ learning of the Portuguese Language
The Portuguese Department (Primary Section) is very pleased to invite you to take part in a celebration of our students’ learning of the Portuguese Language, an interactive event between home and school. Join us for this enriching experience!

Prep 3 Learning Celebration
A great big thank you to all of the learning community who took part in the ELC’s Prep 3 Learning Celebration this past week! We had a fabulous turn out with the special day receiving a lot of positive feedback from the children, teachers and parents. The celebration which focused on ‘learning through play’ was a successful opportunity for parents to engage with their children in a great variety of playful and freely chosen learning experiences where the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills could be observed. Parents left their very positive comments at the end of the event.

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