Primary Newsletter 2019.03.20

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Special Events coming up after the break:

Special Guest ‘Ms Fiona Hamilton’ to visit LIS.

During the week of April 8 – 13 LIS will be hosting a special guest, Ms Fiona Hamilton who will be working with our academic staff to help them learn the Wordtorque ‘Word Inquiry’ approach to learning and understanding spelling. Using this approach, the instruction focuses on learning about the structure of words and supports and compliments well, the work we have been doing with Matt Glover in student literacy development.

Ms Hamilton will be sharing more information with our parent community at a coffee morning on Thursday 11th April. She will outline practical strategies for supporting learners to inquire into words, making meaning from the spelling patterns that can be identified in English words. Her approach to spelling and word inquiry is based around the scientific approach of orthography: empowering students to inquire into the morphology (how words are put together), phonology (the sounds in words) and etymology (their origins/ historical roots) of words! Come along to learn more about this approach that helps students unlock meaning in the words that they are learning about.

For more information, check out www.wordtorque.com

Coffee Morning – Special Guest ‘Fiona Hamilton’
‘Wordtorque – an inquiry approach to learning and understanding spelling’
Thursday 11th April
Venue – Secondary Library
8:15 – 9:30am

Artists in Residence come to LIS

During the same week we are excited to welcome some guest artists who will be working with the primary students in their Performing Arts classes. Zimbabwean performers Ms Carmen and Mr Enock will be bringing their unique musical understanding of African music, marimbas and dance to share with our LIS students. As part of the visit, our guests will be working with the secondary students in the following week, with a culminating concert at the school on April 11. We hope that you will be able to join us.

Here are the details:

Artists in Residence Concert – special guests from
Zimbabwe Performing with LIS Students
Thursday 11th April
Venue – Cafeteria 2
2:00 – 3:00pm

Reminder : Mid-term Vacation

Our mid-term vacation starts after this Friday – school will finish at 3:00pm on Friday as usual. School resumes on Monday, April 8 at 7:50am. Have a great vacation everyone.

Year 4 Sharing of Learning Event.

Our Year 4 Students shared their writing with their parents on Thursday, March 14. Thank you to all parents who came to support their children and to the students for doing such a great job in sharing their learning. Here are some photos of this event.

Year 1 Plays

On Thursday March 14, our Year 1 students performed for their parents, some LIS students and staff some amazing plays that were written by the students. The audience enjoyed the entertaining stories performed by the students that included dances and props made by the students.

We wish to congratulate the Year students on the performances and to the Year 1 team who supported the students in developing the plays. Here are some photographs of the performances.

World Water Day this Friday

A reminder all LIS students and staff will be celebrating World Water Day this coming Friday. As part of the celebrations we are asking students to come to school wearing blue clothes.

Magicfoot promoted a Soccer Gathering with S. Francisco de Assis School

Last Saturday morning at LIS grass field around 140 children form 5 to 15 years old participated at the first Magicfoot Soccer Clinics friendly matches.

This event, attended by 40 LIS primary students, aimed to promote a sports experience based on team spirit, sportsmanship and fun.

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