Primary Newsletter 2019.05.28

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Student Academic Reports

End of year reports will be available for all primary students on Thursday 06 June at 11:00 am, the close of school. The families who have children in ELC will receive their report cards in an envelope and it will be released at home-time.
The students who are in Year 1-6 have their reports in VeraCross, the school management system and will be able to access the report card in the parent’s portal from 11:30am onwards.

If you have any problems accessing your parent portal please contact our enrollment office Teresa Martins at tmartins@lisluanda.com

Rosemary Wright
Primary Deputy Principal

Primary Performing Arts Concert – Important Parking Information

As previously mentioned our new date for the concert will be Monday, June 3 with the concert starting at 6:30pm. Please arrive a little bit early to avoid the traffic!
To enable easier parking for parents we have arranged parking to be available in the grounds of the church opposite the school. Entry to the church carpark will be opposite school carpark exit gate.
****Please note that there will be no parking inside the school on June 3. All parents should use the church carpark.

New School Year – First day of school: Monday, August 12, school starts 7:55am

Bring back a book!
Please help us increase our World Language section of the Primary and Secondary Library (O Pensador) and support our students’ home language development by bringing back one book from a country you are travelling to. Donated books will be gratefully received in the library from 13th August 2019. THANK YOU!

Counselors’ Corner
The counselors held two coffee mornings this week and both were very engaging thanks to the contributions of all those who attended. A big thanks to the library staff and the kitchen staff who helped us with the venue and snacks.

At the final Love and Logic coffee morning last Tuesday, we talked about handing the problem back to a child or young adult by responding with empathy (e.g., “that sounds tough”, “I’m sorry that happened”), asking them what they are going to do, asking them for permission to offer some possible solutions, and checking in at a later date. We also talked about giving consequences by making lists of what “parents do” and “extras”, remaining calm when a child or young adult makes mistakes, and following through with consequences by withdrawing “extras” when the child or young adult is calm. Connecting with your kids or young adults is critical; parents must make “special time” without screens to talk, play, or hang out.

Please see any of the counselors for more support about any of these points and consider reading, “Parenting the Love and Logic Way” over the summer.

In our transitions coffee morning, we reinforced the importance of telling your children about upcoming moves in clear language. Give them time to process this change and their feelings of grief and loss. Talk at the dinner table about things they are going to miss, things they are not going to miss, things they are excited about, and their biggest worries. Take care when talking about the move; ensure they are out of earshot when you share your own worries or concerns. You want to recognize your feelings and take time to process them, but also set your child or young adult up for success.

Looking forward to our last three weeks together.

Jasmine Obaseki – jobaseki@lisluanda.com
Ryan Sullivan – rsullivan@lisluanda.com

Lions Swimming
LIS Lions swim coaches, Coach Ryan and Coach João, alongside Coach Artur, Coach Thomas, and Coach Loriku, hosted their last swim meet of the year for 35 LIS swimmers and over 50 swimmers from cross-town rivals, Colégio Português E.S.C.O.L.A. After a few organizational hiccups in the first two events, volunteers and the coaching team put on a spectacular show for all the parents who attended. The stands were packed with people and the atmosphere was electric.

There were numerous memorable performances. Spectators were entertained by races involving our beginner swimmers who are in the early stages of their swimming development and working on basic stroke technique. Intermediate swimmers drew many cheers of support for being risk-takers, trying new strokes, new distances, and being part of the competitive environment. And our advanced swimmers, leaders in terms of speed and technique, did not disappoint, delighting fans with their stamina and elegance in the water. There was something for everyone at the pool that day, and this was echoed by many comments of support from parents at the end of the competition.

A special thanks to all the parent volunteers and staff who came out to support us on a weekend. Lions swimming is thriving because of your efforts.

The swim coaches highly recommend all swimmers spend time in the pool over the break working on their stroke technique. Here are some good videos that will help you with drills you can do with parent supervision.


We have had some requests for suggestions about equipment. For those swimmers who want to purchase equipment over the break, here are some ideas based on what your coaches use:

  • Goggles – required
    • Notable brands – Speedo fastskin or Aquasphere Michael Phelps.
    • Smaller lenses are better than larger lenses.
  • Silicone swim cap – required
  • Competitive swimming suit (no trunks) – required
    • Notable brands – speedo or arena polyester swimsuit
  • Fins and paddles for kids – optional
    • Notable brands – Speedo kids & Arena kids

ELC Mini Sports Day
Congratulations to our ELC Students who participated with so much enthusiasm and joy at our recent ELC mini Sports day held last Thursday May 23. The students participated in a range of rotational activities, sharing many of the skills and attitudes that they have been learning about all of this year.

A special thanks to Mr Antonio and Mr Sebastiao who organised the day. They have done such a fine job with our youngest learners throughout the year in both PE and Aquatics lessons. Thanks also to the whole PE/Aquatics Departments who were on hand to make the day such a positive one for the students.

A final thanks goes to our parents who ensured the event was well attended. We are sure that you all enjoyed seeing the students learning and having so much fun. We hope that you too got some great photos and videos.

Message from the library
Thank you to all the families who have returned library items. If your child has an item checked out in his or her name, then you will receive an email listing items that are checked out in your child’s name. We will send an email at the end of each day. Please check the date on the email as sometimes items are returned by others and the items are no longer on your child’s account. If your child’s library account is clear, then you will not receive an email.
We would like all items returned and library accounts cleared by Friday, 31 May.
On Monday 3 June, we will invoice families for lost or damaged library materials.
Please note that on Thursday 6 June, the last day of school, reports are released to those who have a clear library account.
If you have any questions, then please visit us in the library or send us an email : prllibrary@lisluanda.com

End of Year Assembly
Our final Primary Assembly for the year will be held on Thursday, June 6 at 8:15am in Muzongue Room 2. This assembly will be run and hosted by the Primary Student Leadership Group and include some performances, farewells etc. It will run for 45 – 60 minutes. Parents are welcome to attend.

LIS Celebrates Africa Day
On Friday, May 24, the LIS celebrated Africa Day. We had an exhibition of works of art created in Africa Day class activities, and the teachers and academic assistants shared their stories about Africa.
Many employees and students were dressed in African outfits and we all had a community dance during the break on the basketball court to traditional African instruments were played by the Angolan group ‘MM yetu’.This group also offered some workshops for all classes of the ELC.
Here is a video that shows how much the kids and teachers had fun during the community dance.

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