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George’s journey from Angola to the Republic of Congo did not have a happy beginning.  George, a chimpanzee, was stolen from his forest home and family for the illegal pet trade.  Thankfully, he was found by Dr. Cristina of Casa dos Animais. He became part of the LIS community and was cared for by Ms. Dalene in the LIS Accounting Department.  Funds raised by LIS students in Year 6 paid for George’s travel cage, flight and customs cost to transport him to the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo.  Today, George is being looked after in a safe place by a professional caretaker, with whom he shares a close bond. In the future, George will be integrated with other chimpanzees of similar ages.  Over time, he will gain friends and become an important part of the group. This is a happy ending for George and his friends at LIS.

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