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Mission, Vision and Values


Courage to empower
Passion to inspire
Together shaping our future


A diverse community of learners, committed to fostering compassionate, confident and socially responsible individuals who thrive in the world.


  • A strong community is built on inclusion, participation, communication, kindness and mutual respect.
  • Student voice is integral to our school culture.
  • A commitment to continual improvement for all members of the community is paramount.
  • Learning is a social and emotional process that is authentic, differentiated and fosters international mindedness.
  • Learning cognitive, creative, physical, social and emotional skills are fundamental for a balanced learning experience.
  • Learning thrives when positive, respectful relationships exist in an inclusive environment.
  • Sustainable thinking is critical to decision making and actions.
  • Integrity, empathy, and trust are fundamental.
  • Respect for ourselves and others, our environment, and our cultural contexts guides our thoughts, actions and relationships.
  • The courage to stand by our principles, face adversity, take risks, make mistakes is essential for growth.


  • Deliver the International Baccalaureate PYP, MYP and Diploma programmes and maintain international accreditation.
  • Recruit and develop qualified and inspiring staff that embrace the values, mission and vision of LIS.
  • Maintain the international identity of the school while respecting Angolan culture.
  • Have English as the language of instruction while celebrating mother languages.
  • Not tolerate behavior that is detrimental to the health, safety, integrity, or dignity of any individual or the school.
  • Ensure that enrollment, resources and capacity are aligned, sustainable and balanced with our community’s needs.
  • Deliver a sound financial plan to ensure sustainability.
  • Ensure transparency through regular communication to support the engagement of all community members.
  • Maintain an inclusive strategic plan with a systematic process of reflection and feedback.