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Policy and General Notes

Admission Timelines

Applications are accepted through the year. Students are generally not enrolled in April or May of the current school year, given that school closes in early June. In such instances the preference is to enrol students for the following year.

Once the required Application and Admissions data is completed you can expect a notification within the week. Offers of enrollment not accepted within a month will be considered to have lapsed.

Cut-off age / Year level placement

Please refer to the Placement Chart. Students applying for EY3 must be aged 3 by September 1st of the current year. There are no exceptions to this. In addition, students applying in EY3 or EY4 must be able to both eat independently and use the toilet independently. An enrolled student who does not meet these requirements may have further access to school put on hold until this requirement is met.

LIS will place students in their chronological cohort (age group) unless there is evidence of having completed the current Year level. In certain cases students may be placed on observation for a period of time to determine whether an advanced placement is appropriate. Advanced placement is a holistic judgment encompassing more than just academic performance.

Students transferring from the Southern Hemisphere (i.e. a school calendar that runs within January to December) will be placed in their current or recently completed Year.

LIS does not offer advanced placement resulting from talented and gifted designations. Our experience is that students identified as talented and gifted are a natural fit in their age-appropriate classes.

Learning Support

Parents are expected to inform the school at the time of application if their child has any diagnosed learning or physical issues, and/or has been receiving additional support in their previous school(s). Resources to accommodate and adequately support students with special or physical needs at LIS, and within Luanda, are limited, and Section Principals and delegated staff will consider all information presented to determine whether LIS programmes are suitable for the student’s cognitive, social, and emotional needs, which shall be assessed prior to and/or after acceptance. This policy refers to all learning, physical and behavioural support needs.

LIS will enrol non-English speaking students in the lower Year levels. However, ESL support diminishes as students proceed through the Year levels. Students enrolling at Year 10 are expected to be proficient in academic English.

Admission Priority

LIS is committed to enrolling students in an international community of diverse learners. Admissions is determined by the following criteria:

  • Class numbers
  • Learning or Language needs
  • Certificate Company applications
  • Siblings currently enrolled or also applying
  • Citizenship
  • Date of completed application
  • Gender balance

School Fees



We are here to help you in your application process, so if you have questions after reading the material provided below, please contact us and we will respond by email, or set up a conference call:

General Office: enrollment@lisluanda.com

Enrollment Manager: Richard Swart rjswart@lisluanda.com

Enrollment Coordinator: Louisa Sabu lsabu@lisluanda.com

The best way to learn about Luanda International School is to visit us.  Tours are given by appointment only. To schedule a tour or ask a question, please send us an email: enrollment@lisluanda.com.