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This month’s edition of LIS News is dedicated to the LIS Arts Programme. In a society that values measurements and uses data-driven analysis to inform decisions, we find some families, schools, and communities placing different values on the role of arts in education. At LIS, we believe the Arts deserves equal importance in education, not just as a subject, but as a fundamental building block to creating well rounded, well-prepared learners and leaders. Engagement in the arts – whether the visual arts, dance, music, theatre or other disciplines – nurtures the development of cognitive, social and personal competencies. For this reason, our passionate and dedicated team of arts teachers provide students with authentic learning experiences that engage students’ minds, hearts, and bodies. The learning experiences are real and meaningful for students. Building this type of culture and mindset for the arts takes time and the participation of all stakeholders. I would like to acknowledge the many families who make the arts a priority – who show up to the various arts events, who engage and encourage their child/children, and who ultimately recognize the true value of art in education, which includes but is not limited to growth, confidence, positive esteem, perseverance, collaboration and a strong sense of self. Thanks for being ‘champions of change’ and joining the LIS arts revolution. The arts are a big deal at LIS. Read on and see why.

PROGRAMME BALANCE: We believe a balanced programme offers learners a variety of opportunities for service, the arts, and an active lifestyle.

On February 27 and 28, LIS welcomed parents, students and staff to the first ever student directed and produced musical, Hairspray. This production was a phenomenal achievement for many reasons that resonate so strongly with the school’s mission statement and the philosophy of our co-curricular program. With support from teaching staff, our students directed, created costumes, and managed stage sets, makeup, and rehearsals to deliver what can only be described as a stellar performance–one that left the audience entertained and wishing for more dancing and singing. In the spirit of developing socially responsible individuals, the students used Hairspray as a platform to raise funds for a worthy community cause.

Congratulations to our students and many thanks to the families and staff who attended the shows. Your willingness to donate to this worthy cause is very much appreciated and aligned to school mission.

PYP Performing Arts Assembly:
This year, the Primary Arts team have created a series of arts assemblies. The goal or intention for the arts assemblies is to celebrate the amazing learning and experiences our students receive through the arts programme at LIS. Many thanks to the families and staff who joined us on Monday 18 March for the PYP Performing Arts assembly. Your support and appreciation are critical for our students and the arts programme. The soulful and tuneful singing entertained the audience every step of the way. As part of the schedule, the audience was also treated to the debut of our first LIS Parent/Staff Choir.

DP Visual Arts Exhibition:
On Monday 18 March, the year 13 students launched their DP Visual Arts Exhibition in true LIS style. Students, parents, and staff who attended the event were treated to an evening of art hosted by passionate and talented curators. To add to the evening’s ambiance, attendees enjoyed light refreshments and lovely music performed by talented student musicians. Unlike previous years, the exhibits and curators were situated in a number of locations around the school. This format provided a great platform for each student curator to shine and showcase his or her individual exhibit. The quality of work and depth of thought was inspiring.

BUILDING COMMUNITY: By developing a culture of empowerment, the school will create opportunities for students, parents, and staff to create a greater sense of belonging to our community.

Congolese Dance group:
On Monday 29 April, the school will host a Congolese dance group. Parents are welcome to join us. The event will start at 13:35 p.m. in the big gymnasium. Seating procedures will begin at 13:15 p.m. We hope you will join us.

Pecha Kucha Night:
LIS is hosting its first Pecha Kucha night in the Library on Friday 26 April from 19:00 to 21:30 p.m. Pecha Kucha nights are informal, fun gatherings in which people share ideas, experiences, thoughts, holiday photos…or anything else they want to share. Each speaker prepares 20 slides and the slides move on automatically every 20 seconds as the speaker is talking. Come along, enjoy some refreshments and listen to entertaining Pecha Kucha presentations. We are still looking for a few more speakers so if you have a story, passion or anything that you would like to share, please email mslangston@lisluanda.com before Friday 12th April. For some inspiration have a look here.

Communications Officer:
In line with our strategic plan, the school has created a job opening for a Communications Officer to start in April 2019. The Communications Officer will report directly to the School Director and serves as the senior communication administrator of the school. The Communications Officer is responsible for three broad categories of communications deliverables: whole school communications, communications action plans, and annual reporting and communications compliance.

HEALTH & SAFETY: By creating a balanced and healthier work and learning environment, staff and students will demonstrate a stronger commitment and an increased sense of well-being.

Priority parking for buses:
The school continues to evaluate ways to improve safety in and around the campus. A significant amount of our children travel to and from school by bus. Currently, we are evaluating afternoon pick up procedures for children who travel home by bus. Our goal is to eventually park all buses parallel to the pedestrian walkways each afternoon. The rationale for this change is to minimize the number of children using the pedestrian crossing to access buses. Once the controls and procedures for this change are in place, we will communicate a start date for the month of May.

Pick up and drop off before and after school:
We understand some families wish to avoid traffic queues and delays and therefore, choose not to enter the school to deliver or collect children. Instead, they park or stop temporarily outside the school, for the children to exit or enter the vehicle. Kindly note, this is a public road and the school is not empowered to control through traffic. Plans and designs to implement a pedestrian crossing and separate entrance for pedestrians are underway. In the meantime, we encourage all families to enter the school to drop off and pick up children.

EFR Instructor training:
In line with our commitment to safety, the school recently hosted an EFR instructor training on March 14, 15 and 16. The training was fundamental to our succession planning aims and goals. A certified training instructor from Johannesburg was invited to LIS to coordinate and deliver the training. A total of ten LIS staff attended, including both English and Portuguese speakers. This allows the school the flexibility to support training in both languages. Thanks to our participants and Co-curricular Coordinator, Andrew Smith, for making LIS a safer place to work and learn.

Once again, on behalf of the LIS team, thank you for making LIS your school of choice. For further information about the school and our programmes, please make sure to visit our school website (www.lisluanda.com).


Dylan Hughes
LIS Director



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