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Congratulations, Graduates!

The LIS Class of 2018 is comprised of 16 amazing individuals: Nabeeha, Michael, Laura, Paula, Sara, Mariasole, Gabriela, Marcelo, Sergio, Nicole, Molly, Denise, Miane, Rui, Connor, and Uyen.


Nabeeha is an American-born Bangladeshi student who has lived in Africa her entire life. She has spent the last two years passionately studying Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at HL, and Economics, English L&L and Spanish B at SL. She is proud to have taken a leadership role in her community, spearheading activities such as Global Issues Network and Model United Nations, being president of Student Council, as well as co-founding and participating in the Trek for Meds project to climb Kilimanjaro. She would like to show her gratitude to all those who provided immense support, including her teachers, her friends, her adorable albeit selfish dog, her brother, her inspiring grandparents and, most especially, her loving parents. She hopes to transfer her learning into a career in innovation in the exciting, ever-changing technological field, and will attend university in the US to study engineering. With incredible parents working in humanitarian agencies as role models, Nabeeha is dedicated to service and hopes to be an advocate for change, particularly with environmental and social issues. Having always been restless even as a baby constantly flipping around in the womb, she is eager to begin life in the fast-paced, multicultural world.


Michael was born in South Africa and has had a blessed life with a great family, travelling a lot and seeing many parts of the world, making him an international individual and open to a lot of cultures and perspectives. He can definitely be described as inquisitive and eager to learn when a particular topic presents itself, sometimes taking a pragmatic approach and, therefore, sometimes making mistakes, however always learning from such mistakes. The topic of ‘life after school’ makes him nervous, but at the same time excites him as this period will reveal what he will make of life. He has been waiting for the opportunity to pursue his own interests for a long time and will, finally, be given the chance to do so. He is also very excited to be given the chance to study overseas and to learn about topics which interest him and which will eventually shape his career.


Laura is a student of Venezuelan nationality who is fluent in both English and Spanish. During the Diploma Program (DP), Laura studied Economics, Chemistry and English at Higher Level and Spanish, Mathematics and Physics at Standard Level. Throughout out her DP years Laura has participated in clubs such as Model United Nations, Casa das Criancas and Global Issues Network. Laura hopes to study electrical engineering at UTSA, which is located in San Antonio, Texas. She has greatly enjoyed the last 8 years that she spent here and is grateful for all the great friends and the supportive community that she is surrounded by. Laura would like to thank all her teachers for all the work and effort that they have put in and for their steadfast support in her education. She also extends great gratitude towards her family, who have helped and cheered her on these last few years. In the coming years Laura wishes to continue being involved in projects or events that are able to support her community, wherever that may be.


Maria Paula is a Venezuelan student who fluently speaks Spanish and English. She studied English Language and Literature, Economics and Biology at higher level, as well as Self-Taught Spanish Literature, Mathematics, and Chemistry at standard level. She was one of the first student photographers for the school, often showing up to school-related events to take pictures. She would like to thank Mr. Steinburg, Mr. Pulger-Frame and Ms. Bradford for always providing support when it was needed. After spending 7 years at LIS, Paula will be very sad to leave the school, having practically grown up here. She feels as if LIS and Luanda itself has become an irrevocable part of who she is; she will never forget all the amazing experiences she has had here. However, she is very much looking forward to studying Computer Science in San Antonio, where she will be living along with her two sisters and her cousins.


Gaby is a South African/Portuguese student who fluently speaks English and Portuguese. She studied English Language and Literature HL, Math Studies, Geography SL, Portuguese SL, Biology HL, and Chemistry HL. She takes great pride in having been part of the varsity soccer team and hopes to have left behind a valuable image as an athlete at LIS. Gaby would like to thank her parents, who through example, showed her the true meaning of hard work and dedication. Her gratitude extends beyond what words can express. Gaby would also like to thank Ms. Bradford, Ms. Rosalinda and Ms. Margret, who acted as more than role models and all of her teachers who developed her knowledge. Gaby hopes to study sports and exercise science, an area she has shown a keen interest in since a young age, at the University of Bath. Alongside her studies, she will be working towards making her debut in the world of professional soccer in the UK. Gaby would also like to thank her not so little brother, much loved G – who she will miss having around every day. Although her time at LIS has come to an end, Angola will always be home.


Marcelo is an Angolan student who speaks English and Portuguese fluently. He studied Math Standards, English Language and Literature, and Portuguese Language and Literature at standard level as well as Physics, Visual Arts and Economics at higher level. Marcelo has been challenged by his higher level subjects, some of which will help him in his future studies in Mechanical Engineering. He spends time outside school developing his thinking through lots of reading and also writing on Quora. Marcelo thanks his parents for the opportunities they have given him for the life he has. He also thanks his teachers, Ms. Rosalinda and Ms. Chloe, who challenged him to grow not only as a student, but as a person. Marcelo will continue to explore himself as he is undergoing his transition into adulthood. As he prepares to leave LIS and his childhood behind, Marcelo looks forward to whatever life presents ahead of him, while never forgetting the lessons he learned in Angola.


Sergio is an Angolan student who fluently speaks English and Portuguese. He studied Visual Arts, English Language and Literature and Physics at higher level, as well as Portuguese Language and Literature, Economics and Mathematics at standard level. Sergio has fully enjoyed developing his bilingual skills in Portuguese and English, challenging his mind in Mathematics, Physics and Economics, and being able to express his creativity in Visual Arts. After spending 13 years at LIS, Sergio believes that this is his second home. Sergio would like to thank all this teacher’s during this great journey, for always encouraging him to strive for bigger and better things. He would also like to thank every single student/peer he has been fortunate enough to study with, especially Nicole and Rui, for making it as memorable as possible. Lastly, he would like to give the greatest thanks to his sisters, his father and his mother for always being by his side, not only for the past 18 years, but for the rest of his life. Sergio will now embark on another adventure in the UK by studying Civil Engineering, but will continue with his passion of playing football with the hope that more opportunities will come.


Molly is a Scottish student who speaks English fluently and some Portuguese. She studied English Language and Literature, Geography, and Theatre, at higher level, as well as Maths Studies Environmental Systems and Societies, Portuguese, at standard level. Molly has certainly enjoyed working on her higher level subjects as she has learned a lot of skills that can be utilized in the future. Molly has taught Mandarin to PYP students and has participated in Junior Social Committee and Casa das Criancas. Molly is very proud of her CAS project, which was to climb Kilimanjaro while raising money for malaria medication. This was a project was important as she developed perseverance and communication skills. Molly would also like to thank her family for giving her advice and guiding her during the DP experience. She would also like thank all of her teachers, who have always been ready to support her whenever it was needed. She hopes to attend Farnham University of Creative Arts in England for Acting and Performance. What she is going to miss most about LIS is the close community and how everyone looks out for you throughout the whole journey.


Denise is a proud Zambian who studied Geography, English and Theatre at HL and ESS, Math studies and Spanish ab initio at SL. Denise took part in a variety of co-curricular activities, such as basketball and Global Issues Network. Other notable activities were climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and teaching children basketball, as they allowed her to develop leadership skills that will help her in the future. Denise says she would like to thank God for giving her strength during the DP. She would also like to give special thanks to her teachers, Ms. Nicola, Ms. Claudia, Ms. Bradford, and any school staff member for always supported her throughout this journey. She would also like to thank her friends for the great laughs and experiencing the struggles of DP together. She would especially like to express her heartfelt love for her mum for constantly supporting, making sacrifices and giving her very much needed reality checks as without her Denise would not be where she is today. Denise aspires to go to Canada to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. As she prepares to leave LIS, some advice she would leave is to “always ensure that you contribute positively to the community and support one another.”


Miane, a Papua New Guinean, is a student at the Luanda International School. He arrived at LIS in the year 2016 starting in Year 12. Prior to that, he was in Indonesia, attending the Jakarta International School. He took English HL, Visual Art HL, Geography HL, Physics SL, Math SL, and Spanish Ab Initio.

He plans on going into Mechanical Engineering when he leaves for college to the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. While here at LIS for two years, Miane ran three afterschool activities; Minecraft Club, Philosophy Club, and Saxophone Club. He is a Boy Scout who has achieved the highest rank in Boy Scouts, the Eagle Scout rank, while back in Jakarta, Indonesia. He was on the Boys Varsity Volleyball Team for LIS.

Miane would like to thank his parents for caring, supporting, and helping him throughout his 12 years of school life leading up to this moment. He would also like to express a special gratitude to Ms. Schmidt, Ms. Bradford, Dr. Cottet and his wife, Ms. Mansart, Ms. McCann, Ms. Leong, Ms. Vogel, Mr. Shebani, Ms. Anton, Mr. P.F., Ms. Savilaakso, and Mr. Richer for the support, help, advice, and guidance they have provided to him throughout his high school here at the Luanda International School.


Connor has lived almost half of his life living and studying in countries around the world. He has studied in Myanmar, Jakarta, Western Australia, Brazil, France, Angola, and is soon to be enrolled in the United States for college. Connor is from the Carribean Island of Utila, which is owned by the country of Honduras. Connor is currently taking the IB Diploma, with his higher levels being Geography, Theatre, and English, and his standard levels being Math Studies Sl, Spanish AB, and ESS. He is enrolled at Georgia State University, where he will be majoring in Criminal Justice. He hopes for a bright future working within law enforcement and living the “American Dream”. Throughout his journey, he is most thankful for his parents for providing the opportunities for him to travel and see the world and to have access to incredible education. He is also thankful for all the teachers who had to put up with him and taught him the necessary skills to persevere in life. He will always remember Angola and hopes to visit the friends he made here in the near future.


Uyen is a Vietnamese student who is full of bright and creative ideas. She studies Visual Arts at HL as well as English Language & Literature, History, Spanish Ab Initio and Math Studies at SL. Uyen has struggled throughout the year but was able to stay strong, pushing through all of her subjects with the help of her teachers, peers and family. Uyen says she would like to thank all her teachers and peers for supporting her throughout the Diploma Program when she was at her lowest point. She would also like to give a big thanks to Ms. Michelle and Ms. St. John for always being there to listen to her when she needed someone to talk to, and also Ms. Cathy for seeing how much potential she has with her art. Uyen will continue to focus on art as she goes into the competitive field of graphic design in the USA, with big support from her family every step of the way. Even though she’s only been part of the LIS community for two years, she will never forget the memories made here and will cherish them as she takes on a new adventure with confidence.

Dear LIS Community,

It is with great pleasure that we share with you our DP results for the class of 2018.  Thank you to our families, teachers and community for supporting our graduates throughout the duration of the two-year Diploma Programme.

We are proud to announce that 100% of students fulfilled the criteria for the LIS High School Diploma which is recognized by NEASC and CIS facilitating entrance into US and UK universities. 90% of these students received the full IB Diploma. All 16 graduates will be attending their first choice universities in the UK, USA, Canada and Italy.  These include: University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, University of Texas at San Antonio, University of Warwick, Accademia del Giglio, University of Leeds, Texas Tech University, Coventry University, University College Birmingham, University for the Creative Arts Farnham, Dalhousie University, University of Tulsa, Lancaster University, and Georgia State University.

Congratulations to our class of 2018. They have been an exceptional group to work with and their achievements are fully deserved.

Rene Bradford

IB Diploma Programme Coordinator