CCAs on Campus Started!

  • 28 Apr 2022

Not only our students returned from break, but so did our Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) at the LIS campus.

These are the undergoing CCAs:

Primary- Arts and Crafts, Reading Boost, Science & Nature Exploration, Math Club, Cartoon Club, Photography, Construction Club, Busy Hands are Happy Hands, Music Sync, Origami, Amazing Acting, Outdoor Games, Student Leadership, Playdough, Soccer, Running Games, Swimming, Ball Games, Basketball & Handball.

Secondary- Animation Creation, Homework Club, NALL LGBTQIA+, Around the World, Kimbo Student Leadership, LIS Warrior - Kickboxing, Homework Club for Upper Secondary Students, Math Mentor, DnD (online), Chess Club, Swimming, Table Tennis/Badminton, Soccer, Basketball, Touch Rugby, Volleyball, Hip Hop, Ballet/Contemporary & Debate Club.