What is executive function and some simple ways to help develop skills in children?

  • 28 Apr 2022

Simply put, executive functioning is a set of mental skills that help individuals complete a task.

Children who struggle with executive functions often find it difficult to learn because they struggle with things like staying focused, handling emotions, finding materials, following directions, or making good choices.

A couple of simple ways to help develop these skills in our children include:

  • Providing them with organizational checklists to develop independence;

  • Playing games that involve coordination such as soccer, handball;

  • Using the ‘I Spy’ books to find different objects;

  • Storytelling- have children orally retell a known story;

  • Group storytelling - tell a known story together in parts;

  • Crossword puzzles;

  • Sudoku.


Chris Oldfield -  Student Support Teacher