EY Aquatics Exposition 2022

  • 09 May 2022

On Thursday 5 May, a special event took place at LIS Pool, the EY Aquatics Exposition 2022 took place over four different periods with each class participating in different time slots of the day.

The aim of this event was to provide EY students with the opportunity to enjoy and display their water confidence in an audience of parents through a series of teacher-led activities. However, the students presented some skills individually, as well as they shared and demonstrated their learning and skills related to our Aquatic Units - "Water Safety, Aquatics Movement, Swimming strokes, and Water-based Games".

The children were able to show a range of Aquatics skills as they had fun taking part in different games and activities such as submerging to catch the sticks underwater, swimming through the hoops stretched in the water, rescuing a partner from the water, swimming in different ways like a frog, backwards, like a butterfly, and forwards. Parents came to watch their children and were happy to see our little swimmers demonstrating various swimming strokes, skills, and games.

Below are the statements of some children who have reflected on the event:

“I loved jumping in the deep pool, spinning and catching the toys underwater”;
Ricardo - EY Purple

"I enjoyed seeing my mummy and swimming like a butterfly"
Harriet - EY Red

“I enjoyed jumping into the big pool and swimming all around”
Ayanna - EY Purple

"Gostei de fazer todas as coisas" (I enjoyed doing all the things)
Decio - EY Red

“I would like to move my arms better”
Ebad - EY Purple

"I liked jumping in the big swimming pool and seeing my mummy and daddy"
Azai - EY Red

"Da próxima vez gostaria de nadar mais como um sapo, e de costas" (Next time I'd like to swim more like a frog, and on my back)
João - EY Red

"Next time I would like to swim between the lines in the deep pool"
Jaden - EY Purple

"Next time I would like to do different jumps in the big pool"
Nicolo - EY Red

Kind regards,
Primary Physical Education Department