Punctuation saves lives!

  • 13 May 2022

We all remember learning about grammar and punctuation when we were in school. Workbooks, worksheets, and rote memorization of rules were just some of the common practices that used to be in place. However, times have changed! Year 4.1 had a highly engaging lesson on punctuation this week. The lesson started by reviewing an event that had previously taken place in class. Ms. Annabelle had given Ms. Andrea a story to read aloud, but it didn't have any punctuation. Legend has it, Ms. Andrea almost collapsed because she ran out of breath trying to read an entire story without even a pause! 

"Why did Ms. Annabelle do this to me? She made me read this story with no punctuation! I couldn't breathe! So I wrote a story and I'll ask Ms. Annabelle to read it..." Andrea exclaimed dramatically. 

"Payback!" the kids screamed.

The students were all so engaged with the punctuation feud between Ms. Andrea and Ms. Annabelle! As the lesson went on, multiple students were excited to call out what was missing from the story: commas, full stops, capital i, etc. Creating a bit of playful drama got the students excited about punctuation, and they carried this excitement into their small group work. Drawing attention to the importance of punctuation in this manner has motivated students to evaluate their own use of punctuation, ultimately promoting independence and accuracy in writing.

Lindsay Doughty
Primary Deputy Principal