Year 10 Drama Larval Mask Final Performance

  • 09 Jun 2022

During the second semester, students in Year 10 drama explored Communication through Mask. Students developed their understanding of communication, genre, and role by exploring the statement of inquiry: Role can be communicated through rituals as a genre. Students explored the global context, personal and cultural expression, by selecting a ritual of their choosing as the basis for their Larval Mask performance. All of this was done while developing their ability to interpret and use non-verbal communication and their ability to consider multiple alternatives to an idea, even if they are unlikely or impossible. Here are their final Larval Mask performances, we hope that you enjoy them!

The Robbery: Thu Kha Su, Daniela, Andrew, Ahmad, Tiago

Silly Circus: Nathaniel, Sara, Indhira, Elizaveta, Mario & Makiesse

Catch: Ben


Ali Shebani

MYP Physical and Health Education & Drama Teacher