Exploring the World of Civil Construction

  • 02 Feb 2023

Year 7 students received a stimulating presentation from Casais - Engenharia e Construção as part of their Interdisciplinary Unit (IDU). The IDU combines Math, English, and Portuguese to encourage students to consider and demonstrate the ways in which measuring and comprehension skills can be used to create a proposal for more sustainable architecture.

The guest speakers, Nuno and Miguel, delved into the world of civil construction, highlighting the crucial role that architects and engineers play in bringing structures to life. They explained the differences between the two professions and demonstrated how they work together in harmony to achieve their common goal. Students were fascinated to learn about the creative vs technical aspects of construction and the various stages involved, from pre-design to construction.

The presentation provided valuable insight into the real-world application of the concepts that Year 7 students are studying in their IDU, helping them to better understand the impact of their studies on the world around them.