LIS Well-being Philosophy Statement

At LIS, we believe that learning is a social and emotional process and that the development of cognitive, affective and social skills are essential to the holistic development of a person.  All members of LIS contribute to the well-being of the community and we believe that this is fundamental to the identity of our school. Learning happens best in an environment that is safe and based on trust, mutual respect and support.  As such, teaching and practicing well-being permeates our whole school curriculum and is not a stand-alone programme. Because of this, we

  • Value and Facilitate learning opportunities that are relevant, inclusive and authentic.
  • Provide space for student leadership and agency.
  • Empower students to have the knowledge, awareness and courage to make reasoned decisions.
  • Guide students to self-regulate and recognize the connections between behavior and consequence.
  • Understand mistakes are opportunities to grow and learn.
  • Encourage students to be their best selves through an understanding of identity and role in society.
  • Motivate students to create positive change in the world.