Thank you for your interest in applying to Luanda International School. Our enrollment process is an important part of building our community. This process ensures that Luanda International School (LIS) will meet each student’s needs and that each student will be successful and happy at our school. We look forward to welcoming your family to our community.


Admission Process

Clicking on the INQUIRY FORM will create an account for your household on our school admissions platform, Veracross, using your current email address. A response will be generated to your email address with login details. Please follow those instructions. If you have previously set up an account you will be directed to the Application page.

Data Security

LIS is committed to using the data you provide in a responsible manner, and this data will be securely stored and available to administrators and teachers with a direct need regarding the admissions process, or social and academic needs of your child(ren). LIS abides by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Data shared with the school forms part of the contractual agreement you enter into when enrolling at LIS.

Step 1: Inquiry Form

  • Click on the Inquiry Form to open an account on Veracross. You will receive instructions via the email account you used in order to set up a password.
  • Complete the Inquiry Form at your convenience – this does not have to be at one sitting.

Step 2: Application Form

  • Once you have completed the initial Inquiry, you will proceed to the Application Form.
  • There are a number of elements that require completion. As you complete each section, the Application Form will update to reflect in green those sections you have completed.
  • Required forms are all accessed on the Application Form to which you are directed after completing an Inquiry.
  • Academic and social references will be requested from your current school. These references are confidential, and sent directly to LIS via electronic submission. Details are found on the Application Form.

When all required documents are completed / received you will be notified by email to the address you used to create the application account. We understand that this process may take some time. In this case please stay in touch with your Enrollment team.

Step 3. Admission

Your completed documents will be reviewed by the Enrollment Team, the school academic leaders, and, where appropriate, by the Language and Learning Support Teams. Please note information pertaining to students with additional learning support needs under Admission Policy that you can find HERE.

Step 4. Enrollment

The Enrollment Form requires that you read and acknowledge acceptance of a range of Policy documents, related Health and Dietary information, and other practical information required by LIS. Once these are completed you will have the opportunity to sign and complete the Acceptance Form.

Please note that if your company will be responsible for school fees, an appropriate company representative is also required to sign.

The best way to learn about Luanda International School is to visit us. Tours are given by appointment only. To schedule a tour or ask a question, please send us an email.

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