Dylan Hughes


Our School Director, Dylan Hughes, often referred to by students and parents as ‘Mr. Dylan’, believes student voice is integral to our school culture and community. Despite the numerous demands and responsibilities of a Director’s role, engaging with students keeps him focused on the things that matter most


Grant Rogers

Secondary School Principal

Grant Rogers joined LIS in 2018, after serving in leadership and teaching roles in Mumbai, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Monaco. He is shown here conversing with Secondary students about designing wall art and reading to Primary students during Family Reading Night


Lindsay Doughty

Primary Principal

Lindsay Doughty, originally from the United States, joined the LIS community in 2019 after working in schools in New York, South Korea, and Dubai. She is passionate about developing a love of learning in all students, particularly in math and science. She can be seen here working with Early Years students who are learning through various forms of building and play.


Jonah Rosenfield

Secondary Deputy Principal

Mr. Jonah believes that every student has the ability and right to learn; that students learn best in a caring and supportive community. As the supervisor of the Secondary Well-being Programme, Mr. Jonah actively seeks student voice in creating a positive school culture. He is shown here (on the left) getting student feedback on inclusive bathroom signage from members of the Secondary Human Rights Club. Mr. Jonah practices stepping out of his own comfort zone at least twice per week as the assistant coach of the LIS Lions JV soccer team.


Rene Bradford

IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

Ms. Bradford is the IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, a teacher of Economics, and a contemporary dance enthusiast. Fully committed to her DP students, she provides pastoral care, mentorship on life skills, and she coordinates the LIS graduation. Ms. Bradford is shown here explaining how the price mechanism fails to allocate resources efficiently.


Catherine McCann

IB Middle Years Programme Coordinator

Cathy McCann is originally from Scotland but has been teaching internationally for over 20 years. This has taken her to schools in Botswana, Spain, Portugal and Hong Kong before joining LIS in 2013. She is an MYP and DP visual art teacher and was the Leader of Learning for the Arts before becoming the MYP coordinator at LIS. She is passionate about creativity, enjoys inquiry, encourages student leadership, loves outdoor education and being part of the LIS community. Her 3 children have also attended IB world school.


Pieter Van Der Westhuizen

Primary Deputy Principal

Mr. Pieter is from South Africa and joined the LIS community in 2022 after teaching in Taiwan and Thailand for 10 years, 6 of which were in a leadership capacity. He was fortunate enough to have worked in various curriculums ranging from extremely robust to highly inquiry-based. He is passionate about working with children and cultivating a love of learning while emphasizing the importance of community building and inclusiveness.


Julie Ranger

IB Primary Years Programme Coordinator

Ms Julz Ranger is an Australian who has been working in the international school system for 10 years. She started at LIS in 2018 and recently transitioned into the role of PYP Coordinator. Prior to living in Angola, she worked in a large IB World School in Hong Kong. Ms Julz works with teachers across the primary school to plan, deliver and assess engaging curriculum that is aligned with the school mission, vision and values as well as the guidelines of the IB. Ms Julz has particular interests in primary literacy and wellbeing and she loves being part of the LIS Learning Community


Ali Shebani

Co-Curricular Programme Coordinator

Mr. Ali says he is fortunate to be starting my 14th year at LIS and have had the opportunity to wear many hats during his time with us. This is his second year as Cocurricular Coordinator and he looks forward to supporting students and teachers in providing a diverse and balanced array of experiences for students to engage in. Previously, he taught in Vietnam and Canada before calling Angola home. He joined here at LIS with his wife Mrs. Alysha and two children Sarafina and Matteo.


Augusto Delgado

Business & Finance Principal


Tariro Kuture

Human Resources Principal


Mila Barradas

Executive Administrator